Examples of CRA Auction and Trading Platform Experience

Industry Scope Languages
Global Dairy Trading Platform Auction design and implementation of an online trading platform for dairy products. CRA runs two trading events per month for GlobalDairyTrade. English, Spanish, Chinese
Cranberry Trading Platform Auction design and implementation of an online trading platform for cranberry juice concentrate. CRA runs four trading events per year for Ocean Spray. English
Electricity AuctionsSelling and divestitures of capacity, energy, transmission rights and related services: Auction design, implementation, and monitoring for government agencies, The World Bank, and companies in Brazil, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, USEnglish, German
Electricity ProcurementsDesign and implementation of competitive procurements for government agencies and companies in Germany, USEnglish, German
Spectrum AuctionsAuction design and implementation for government agencies in Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Switzerland, USEnglish, French, German, Spanish
Spectrum AuctionsBidder support for companies in Australia, Canada, Netherlands, UK, USEnglish
Intellectual Property AuctionsDesign and implementation of auctions to maximize the value of IP in US, EuropeEnglish
Natural Gas Auctions and ProcurementsDesign, implementation, and monitoring of auctions for selling and procuring natural gas for government agencies and private companiesEnglish
Railroads and AirportsDesign and implementation for competitive bidding divestitures and traffic congestion management in Canada and USEnglish
Divestiture of Government Ownership SharesDesign and implementation of competitive bidding sales process to divest government ownership shares in SwedenEnglish
Mineral RightsDesign of divestiture process for mineral rights in MexicoEnglish, Spanish
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